Prana Healthcare
Brand Identity, Technology


Dr. Rahul Kakkar is an experienced medical practitioner with over 26 years of experience in the Healthcare Industry. He specializes in the fields of pulmonary, sleep and obesity related disorders - ailments that most people don't pay enough attention to diagnose or treat.

In 2016, when Dr. Kakkar was looking to start his own practice – Prana – at two different locations in North Carolina, he approached Innovo to create a unique brand identity and digital presence for Prana.  




The first step to creating a brand’s identity, is to identify the company’s philosophy and beliefs. In the case of Prana, Dr. Kakkar’s philosophy was rooted in the core belief of ‘healing through science and nature’. The practice aimed at improving the overall well-being of a person through its holistic treatment. The brand logo and website were conceptualized around this philosophy.  

Logo Conceptualization

A great logo is more than just a couple of words and images – it tells a story about the company, its style and beliefs. The Prana Health logo was conceptualized to depict the element of the Sun with a blend of Nature. The Sun represents the vital force of all functions in the cosmos, while the hands represent care and nourishment. Green leaves bring forth a perfect blend of Nature and healing. The iconic blend of the palm and the Sun signifies a healthy life and tranquillity. Thus, overall, Nature and that act of nurturing through natural elements form the crux of the Prana Logo.

Website Design & Development

Taking off from the logo conceptualization, we began work on Prana’s website to create their digital identity and presence. Inspired by the practice’s philosophy, the website artfully incorporated elements of nature and holistic healing in its design. The images used were carefully selected keeping in mind the target audience and theme of positivity. We refrained from using negative/harsh images of hospitals, patients, etc., and instead selected healthy people with a clear messaging of care and treatment to create a positive vibe of good health and wellbeing. 

Our UX team’s main challenge, was to create paths that were simple and user friendly, so prospective patients across a range of ages, and health experts may easily navigate through the many services Prana has to offer. The site’s larger aim was to generate responses from the strategically placed ‘Calls of Action’ spread across the user interface.

On a technical front, the entire website was built using a PHP framework with the incorporation of latest UI technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and JS.  


From logo design to designing and developing a full-fledged website for Prana, Innovo successfully created a brand identity for Dr. Kakkar’s independent practice in North Carolina, U.S.A.