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Beeta Tissues is one of India’s largest and oldest tissue manufactures based out of Delhi. It began operations 20 years ago with a marketing campaign and designs to suit the 90’s trends. Keeping up with the times, Beeta roped in Innovo to revamp and refresh its brand through innovative packaging designs for its face tissues, kitchen rolls and toilet rolls. It wished to create a unique, design centric brand presence within the existing, saturated tissue market.  



A widely quoted statistic states that about 70% of all consumer purchases are made in the store, often at the ‘Point of Purchase’ or POP displays. Here, visual stimuli are at their peak and become one of the main deciding features of the purchase. We are all in some ways inclined to buy products that are visually attractive. Thus, Innovo’s task was to revamp Beeta’s outdated designs and stimulate more POP sales through this feature. 

Packaging Design

A competitive market analysis showed that Beeta Tissues designs were obsolete in today’s market. Further research indicated that not a lot of differentiation existed within other tissue brands. Using these to our advantage, the Design Team at Innovo sought to create new, modern packaging designs that would not only revamp the brand but also make it stand out among others. We incorporated Indian cultural elements like the peacock motif, madhubani-style fish and warli prints to create a unique brand identity. This was a pioneering design concept in the Indian tissue market and was well received by the consumers resulting in increased sales. 


Social Media Outreach

Once the packaging designs rolled out, Innovo worked with Beeta on creating a Social Media Campaign targeted towards women, and repositioning the brand as a “design centric – women oriented” brand. The campaign extended the same design philosophy in their online presence.

A contest was launched online, calling on women to share stories and experiences where other women helped them move forward. This campaign saw good participation online and helped increase the reach of Beeta Tissues digitally. 

Website Design

The archaic Beeta Tissues website needed a serious revamp in lieu of its recent rebranding actions. Incorporating the latest design elements, we are currently working with Beeta to modernize the website with new content and design, and enable online sales through eCommerce. The website is being built on the OpenCart platform and is expected to go live by Nov, 2016. 


One of our biggest success stories, Beeta’s rebranding exercise has paid in spades. While it gave the brand the surge it needed to rise over other products in the market, it was a great learning experience for Innovo as well. Today, the brand boasts of range of modern packaging designs for all its products, and has been successfully repositioned as a leading design centric brand in the tissue market. With a leading online presence and outstanding designs that stimulate rapid sales, Beeta is poised to go a long way in the Indian tissue industry.