Arge Realty
Real Estate
Digital Marketing – Lead Generation, Social Media Marketing


Arge Realty is a key real estate player in Bangalore, India, with over 500 apartments to their name in several prime locations. Digitally, real estate is one of the most competitive markets, with many players and portals targeting similar keywords and methods of representation. In this saturated market, Innovo was called upon to create a unique brand image and generate leads, with a target of 300 per month through various digital channels. 



To stand apart, it’s important to be noticed within the industry; and to be noticed, one must create a user-friendly and memorable experience for the viewer. With this aim in mind, Innovo’s creative team redesigned Arge Realty’s digital landscape by simplifying the customer buying journey online and maintaining the user at the apex.

Step by step, we continually changed the game for Arge Realty through a holistic plan of action. From designing display ads and writing quality content, to developing an engaging landing page and setting up a backend to manage leads, we conceptualized and implemented out of the box marketing campaigns for the brand.

One such marketing campaign was conceptualized around Arge Realty’s one-of-a-kind offer of a low 10% down payment on booking a property with them. In the Indian context, owning a house usually involves large bank loans from stage one. Thus, we capitalized on the advantages of this offer to run a campaign named “Own a home without bank loan”.  This created waves of curiosity among viewers, and a subsequent rapid rise in number of leads received. 

Digital Marketing

It is integral to use the digital tools available to us to their optimum functionality to break into the existing pool of brands and create a unique space for the brand. Thus, we designed a multi-channel digital campaign that included Google Adwords (Text, Display, Re-marketing), Social Media, Affiliate Marketing and Email Marketing to reach our prospective customers. The marketing campaign were supported with creative visuals and excellent copy across all these channels. 


Innovo’s goal is to not only reach our targets but surpass them to give you a better, brand experience. Through our integrated campaign we generated over 400 leads in a month, 30 million impressions and indirect sales of over 50 million Rupees (Around .75 million USD), which we are proud to say is no ordinary feat!