Content Marketing

A customer’s interaction with the market and its products and services is no longer just a one-way street. It has now become a two-way conversation which continues post sale as well. With the consumer at one end and the brand at another, Social Media is the nexus that brings both of them closer.


While laying the foundation of a content marketing plan, we emphasize on the “Five W’s” of Interrogative Investigation which are:

‘Who’ - the target audience and influencers
‘Why’ – the reason a prospect would buy the product
‘When’ - timelines for information needed at each stage
‘What’ - type and form of content to focus on
‘Where’ - Channels a prospect follows when searching for information.


Humans are visual thinkers, with 75% of the neurons in our brains processing visual information. Creating stories in the form of visuals that enhance the content has a larger impact on customers. Our design team works very closely with the copy writers to create such visually appealing content.


Often, writing a piece of good-quality content is not enough. In the changing digital landscape, original content needs to be shared across several platforms like web, social, videos including traditional media. This amplifies its reach and gets your content noticed. At Innovo, we generate quality content for our clients and promote it across appropriate channels to ensure it reaches the right target audience.


We use several metrics like Page Views and Engagement Rates to monitor content marketing activities for our clients. The content strategy is evolved and optimised further based on this real time data.

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