How Will Artificial Intelligence Change the Face of Content Marketing

by on September 7, 2016

Content Marketing means generating original, free and powerful content to draw and convert prospective buyers into loyal customers, and then brand advocates. Today, with the rise of a start-up culture and several businesses realizing the importance of content, there’s a pool of data available on the internet about everything one can write about. Sometimes this situation acts as a dilemma because creating content which is 100% original can be a herculean task. Here, the advent of Artificial Intelligence is like the light at towards the end of tunnel.

Artificial Intelligence or Machine exhibited intelligence is present all around us. Be it video games, web based searches or the applications we widely use, AI is the core element among all of these. The question which comes to mind – Is AI worth embracing in the long run where new possibilities are constantly changing the dynamics of Content Marketing?

Below, are few key elaborated points which will tell us why we should use AI to shape the future of Content Marketing:

1. Know-how about the articulation of content

AI acts as a guide in disguise for content marketers or writers as it helps in the formulation of the content idea which one needs to write about. In other words, it forms a base document for the main content write-up which needs to be original, keyword-centric and to the point. The human touch is undoubtedly of superior importance while writing content. AI just gives a push to the thought process behind creating the content.

2. Finding content to ideate and curate from

Writing great content is essential in today’s digital phase. But generating great content takes a lot of time. Well-known content curators will tell you it’s not saving you time if you can’t automate content discovery through available tools. Hence, AI and content search curation sites make it easy and convenient for content marketers to ideate on a particular topic and further build on it.

3. Creating a wide range of content types

Artificial Intelligence helps in developing a wide spectrum of content types which can be used for writing a piece of original content. It gives one a 360 degrees’ overview to what type of content is trending at any given point in time. Hence, AI comes to rescue with an array of buzzwords and the latest news on the topic you need to work on.

It’s quite rightly said, “If rightly used, technology is a boon”; to add to this AI cannot replace the human effort and personal touch to whatever content is generated. But it can definitely be a helping guide in creating a foundation for writing content, which has a broader perspective.



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