MasterCard’s New Look : Yay or Nay!

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Just about a week ago, MasterCard was in the news for its new look. Pentagram has given them a new identity by redesigning their logo. Yes, the same iconic logo which makes its way to almost everyone’s pockets!

Let’s rewind – Remember 2006 and MasterCard? Their previous logo redesign received criticism to an extent that they chose not to use it on their debit and credit cards. According to the company, the 3 circles reflect the company’s distinctive, three-tiered business model as a franchisor, processor, and advisor. However, once you take a microscopic look, you will notice more than just the 3 circles. Moreover, the gradient loaded white circle is larger than the other two circles and unevenly slanted towards the right. You may ask why; we don’t know either.
MasterCard has a history of being in the news for the most bizarre reasons. This time too, their approach towards rebranding was to keep things simple. The new logo is designed by New York-based Design Agency, Pentagram.

Here are a few more critiques you may have missed out on.


Visibility of the brand name

Of course, MasterCard got rid of the heavy bold italics and the teeth marks present in the previous logo. But what we failed to understand is why did Pentagram went lowercase with the brand name? In simple terms, we all know that it’s one of the most iconic logos and ubiquitous too. In order to maintain the sanity of the brand name, we think it would’ve been ideal to have a balanced mix of small and upper-case. Also, the geometric FF mark style font makes it look less corporate than before.

Current trends

The new MasterCard logo already looks dated. Also, if we take off all the lowercase logo text, it’ll fade into ambiguity and have no meaning left to it. A more creative take on the overused circles could’ve transformed their logo from boring to spectacular. They missed the bus!

Colour Saga

The new logo looks just like the old one. Using similar colors shows an absence of “out-of-box” thinking in the conceptualisation of the logo. This looks more like paying homage to the previous versions of the MasterCard logo throughout evolution. The whole idea of creating a digitally sound brand which was their aim, does not come to life.

From MasterCard to Mastercard

So my auto-correct also agrees with me. It marks “Mastercard” with a small-case “c” and a red line. The whole idea of the brand name they have is the uniqueness in the brand spell with a combination of capital and small case. This feel vanished when they came out with 2 variants instead. An all small-case “mastercard” or “Mastercard”. None of them give the same old feeling.

This is our take on the new logo by MasterCard. Please share your views and feedback on this new creation by Pentagram!

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