What Pokémon Go Taught Us in a Week

by on July 20, 2016 pokemon

Rambling down the streets these days, you’ll see people glued to their smartphones swinging in the upward direction. What is it that they’re up to? Not too difficult to guess – Pokémon Go! Yes, they’re probably in search of Poke stops to captivate the next best Pokémon. This augmented reality game has revolutionised how people high-five over victories and track animated characters down the roads!

Isn’t it astounding how this Pocket Monster game has created ripples in less than a week? With a rocket-speed success, it has escalated Nintendo’s valuation by an estimated $7.5 Billion. Yes, you read it right.

Here are some competent marketing techniques which are worth grabbing from the Pokémon Go success story:

Rome was not built in a day

This is a well-known adage and is absolutely true. Pokémon Go followed the same and succeeded in building a world-class game. In a span of 20 years, the amount of research, innovation,
breakthrough disruption stirred by them is phenomenal. Here, the learning zeroes to: “good branding” needs in-depth research and study with an essence of hard-work to reap results in long run.

Believe in what you see

In this tech-savvy, highly communicative, and well-connected world, social proofing is present everywhere. We believe in what our eyes see. We trust brands which have fan-following, positive reviews. We won’t just buy a product which does not ring a bell. Enter Pokémon Go – highly addictive and irresistible as wherever you go, it is the talk of the town. Here, the learning clearly states “social proof” can make one a zero to hero!

Familiarity leads to Loyalty

In the mid-90’s, Pokémon was just another cartoon series with a few video games and card games available in the market. We all have this name resonating in our heads ever since then. Over these years, they’ve built their brand to next level and now created a name which holds immense respect and belonging towards it. The warm fuzzy feeling that creeps in because I’m 26 and I have known Pokémon since it arrived! Here, the lesson learned is that the journey from “brand identity” to “brand loyalty” hits the human psyche and makes brands popular!

Well-connected to roots

Of course, we are all aware by now that Google Maps is also a product conceptualised by John Hanke, creator of Pokémon Go. Would all this tracking and captivating the Pokémon’s be a reality if it were not for the Google Maps and Google Street View! NO – But John being a visionary, worked towards a bigger picture. We’ve experienced that turn into the most successful brand story today. A life-lesson worth penning down here: Having firm roots and understanding of your brand can make you a world-leader in no time.

These lessons can lead to an exponential growth in better results and stronger presence online for companies today. Beyond having a good product, if these marketing lessons are followed; one can turn a strong bedrock to an outbreak hit!

Do you have a Pokemon Go hack tip which you’d wish to share? Please go ahead. We’d love to know your views.

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