5 Things Content Marketers Need To Know

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Just like the tonnes of other buzzwords Content Marketing is here to stay. With papers turning into screens, the scope of writing has enlarged tremendously. Like the other traditional ways of marketing content marketing also goes through turmoils of trends. More often than not, the moment the industry tries to settle in with a way, there come bazillion others ringing even bigger bells than before.

With the obvious state of competition, there’s a mad tatter going on around content as well. Here are 5 ways that will help organisations to produce content while keeping the sanity alive.

1. Stop sensationalising everything!



Can we all just take a moment to realise, that there used to be a time when surprises meant something? Nowadays everywhere you look you will find a title to a piece of content blown so much out of proportion that the content itself ceases to make sense.

We are caring less about many people read and really like the writeup, rather we focus on how many clicks did it generate. A person who is interested in the information you have to offer, they will find you and read your content, resulting in a meaningful interaction.

On the other hand, an overwhelming quote will just make people disappointed by the time wasted on your writeup and end up reporting your content as spam.

Hence, be honest and believable. Keep the titles easy yet powerful and remember people usually fall for such things once, be retention-oriented not click focused.

2. Cheat but don’t copy


With the rising volume of content that is being generated and shared online, everyone wants their dog in the game.

Anything that appears online and gathers significant attention the first time around drives content marketers crazy.

Everyone copies the same thing and shares it over and over to gain popularity for their brand. Little do we notice that in all the hustle for likes, clicks, and shares the content loses all its essence leaving the readers oversaturated.

Variations of similar content posted by different platforms not only causes ambiguity but also results in the lack of appreciation that the original content actually deserved.

Tip :- Respect the first one out and try to come up with a developed version stating the story a step ahead. Complement the word out already, with your version rather than competing with a stolen idea.

3. Stop overfeeding keywords to your content



Every SEO team aims to put their content on the first page on the search engine.

However in that attempt, the content takes a hit again and becomes valueless. Readers will not read your content if it is bloated with keywords and overloaded with links.

With the rise of algorithm based refining, search engines are not easy to fool anymore. If your content is not connecting to your audience all the SEO tactics are only going to be some efforts in vain.

Focus on a little research instead, find out where your target audience lies. Figure out their like and dislikes and build a meaningful piece to read around them, not around a bunch of words that might lead them to your content but make them exit even before they get halfway.

4. Let the writer be



Can everyone fly a plane? Can everyone hack? Can everyone hula-hoop? The common answer to these questions is a big fat ‘NO’.

Similarly, the person who has paved their way into your esteemed organisation as a writer have to be trusted for what they do. They are a writer because they could do it best and better than most. Unleash them, don’t bind them into your style.

Harry Potter wouldn’t be awesome if someone sat on JK Rowling’s head and constantly told her to fit her writeup their way. Give the writer a free mind, enough time and a pressureless environment. Everything creative needs a lot of thought.

Ensure that whatever goes out as your brand content is up to the utmost satisfaction of your writer who began that piece in the first place, otherwise, it is not worth it.

5. Take it easy



A report released by the Content Marketing Institute says that 88 percent of B2B marketers are using content marketing, and a number of open resources have become available to help these marketers create content better, faster and cheaper.

This will inevitably give rise to competition making everyone try to outperform their capacity, which is most definitely not going to benefit anyone.

Before anyone else, make yourself one with the facts that quality is always above quantity & a machine can not do what a person can do – when it comes to creativity. Put thought into what to offer & promise your customers & stop treating content as a revenue generating tool.

Content is information, voice, and recognition for your brand, not a sales associate working on commission. Expect the right things from content and it will deliver the best results.

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