50 Super Bowl Ads that you cannot miss this year

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Do you know why Super Bowl ads are a big deal?
The U.S. television network is known to broadcast one of the most viewed championship game of the National Football League(NFL). This is also the time when the TV witnesses some of the highest profile television commercials known as Super Bowl Ads. These ads are a result of the game’s extremely high viewership and wide demographics.
According to Nielsen, Super Bowl games have frequently been among the United States most-watched television broadcast, with an estimated 114.4 million viewers in 2015. As such, advertisers have typically used commercials during the Super Bowl as a means of building awareness of their products and services among this wide audience, while also trying to generate buzz around the ads themselves so they may receive additional exposure, such as becoming a viral video.

Apart from these facts, each 30-second ad spot goes at a cost of up to $5 million. Most of these ads are full of celebrities, pop music and special effects. It is very clear that advertisers and brands are ready to pay a premium to be a part of this very old American Sports Tradition.
Below we have listed some of the best and the worst ads that were screened this year

1. Acura NSX:  “What He Said.”

An ad that clearly showcases the kind of exhilaration you will face when you are driving one of these.

Verdict: Freaking awesome

2. Adobe: “The Gambler.”

This ad says nothing about the Adobe Marketing Cloud, but takes a dig at how ridiculously expensive it is to advertise during the Super Bowl. A clever ad which speaks directly to its target audience and their sentiments attached to the ads they invest in.

Verdict: A clever take on something that is on everyone’s mind.

3. Advil: “What Pain?”

This ad got us pumped about making pain a distant memory. But, what we don’t understand is why would they use such bad typography to put the message across. The design of the ad could have been better. The music gets us going, but we would love to see some nice visuals to go along with the music.

Verdict: Could be better. Four stars to the music, though!

4. Amazon Echo: Baldwin for the win

When you have funnyman Alec Baldwin in your ad, you know that your ad is going to have some of the 30-rock charm and comic relief.  This ad showcases advantages of the product- The Amazon Echo with the incorporation of a funny little skit.

Verdict: Funny as always.

5.    Apartments.com – “Moving on up.”

A nice choir type musical explaining how you are moving on up in life with an apartment that best suits your needs.

Verdict: We like musicals.

6.    Audi R8: Ground control to Commander

A documentary style commercial is not new to the Super Bowl ad circuit. This Audi R8 commercial has taken that approach with this ad while mixing it up with space travel and the musical genius of David Bowie playing in the background.

Verdict: A spaceship like car, Bowie, and space. What more would you want from a good TV commercial!

7.    Avocados: Aliens that love a good dip

A really funny ad that gives us a sneak peak into human civilization with popular references from the eyes of an alien.

Verdict: A funny take on humans

8.    Axe: “Find Your Magic.”

For years, Axe suggested that Axe is all you need when you want to attract good times and even more attractive women. This ad, however, is a change from their earlier ads. It suggests that men will have to start working on more than ‘someone who just smells good’. A good ad overall.

Verdict: Very different from the earlier ads made by Axe.

9.    Beyonce:  The formation World Tour

A black & white video of Beyonce announcing her world tour just moments after concluding her half-time performance. Not a bad way to publicize her world tour, we would say.
Verdict: A beautiful montage of visually appealing images.

10. Bud Light: Raise one to Right now

This is what the world thinks about America in one 30 seconds ad for a very popular beer brand.
Verdict: Only if election campaigns would be as funny

11. Budweiser: Do what Helen Mirren says always

We highly doubt that Helen Mirren likes Budweiser. Never the less she sets a great example in this PSA telling people not to drive when they are drunk.

Verdict: When Helen Mirren says don’t drive when you are drunk, you don’t drive when you are drunk.

12. Budweiser: “Not Backing Down.”

A one of its kind Super Bowl Ad that has no head or tail regarding copy but wins it regarding picture and visualization.
Verdict: A very inspiring video to keep on charging forward.

13. Buick: She Odelled it

We can’t believe this made the cut. It is completely off target. To be honest, we are just happy that Emily Ratajkowski is in it.
Verdict: Emily Ratajkowski you go, girl!


14. Butterfinger: Bolder than Bold

This ad is definitely “Bolder than bold” when it missed out on a gigantic ‘Do Not Try This At Home’ sign.

Verdict: This ad is bold for sure

15.    Coco Cola: Hulk v/s Ant-Man

A battle between two of the most sought after comic book heroes over a mini coke can. Do you think anything can get better than this? The visual effects are completely enthralling, and the chemistry between the two characters is nothing short of what you would expect in a movie.

Verdict: The best visual fx we have seen so far.

16. Colgate: Save Water

We might be in the 21st Century, but the battle over water shortages is still not over. Colgate took this opportunity to divert our attention towards saving water without actually saying it.
Verdict: The perfect example for how we can contribute towards saving water.

17. Doritos: Dorito mutts

We all know it’s not safe for dogs to be munching on food meant for humans. But this ad somehow manages to tickle our funny bone.
Verdict: It’s official: dogs are TV viewership magnets

18. Doritos: Dorito Baby

This ad tells us how parents can be a disappointment when it comes to tasty snacks.

Verdict: Funniest Ad ever

19.    Esurance: Pass it on

An insurance brand that wants to give you money, if you help it achieve its promotional goals by just retweeting its Super Bowl. A great combination of television and digital marketing techniques, we would say.

Verdict: A good way of mixing Digital and television

20. Fitbit: Dual lives

A very interesting ad that focuses on dual lives that people live.
Verdict: A great way of showing how Fitbit users live dual lives

21. Heinz: Weiner Dogs

Heinz Ketchup got everything right in this commercial. Dachshund’s wearing funny costumes, people wearing funny costumes and ever so emotional music, what else do you need for a hit commercial?
Verdict: Dogs FTW!

22. Honda Ridgeline: Talking animals

Truck Bed Audio because farmers also like listening to music when they are transporting domestic animals in their truck. Who would have thought?
Verdict: A tried and tested way of making a commercial.

23. Hyundai: The Chase

A voice controlled car ignition system, the beginning of any chase sequence will never be the same again.
Verdict: Funny twist in the end.

24. Hyundai: A father’s dream

Track your daughter ’s every move while she is on her date. Fathers, are you listening? Hyundai cares more about your daughters and is now manufacturing cars that will help you do just that.
Verdict: You can never go wrong with Kevin Hart

25. Hyundai: Ryan Reynolds

Ladies, Ryan Reynolds, just the way you like it.
Verdict: A distraction for sure, don’t you think, ladies?

26. Intuit: Death Wish Coffee

Every time you drink a cup of coffee, you are also drinking a cup of Vikings. A beautifully visualized ad with better than ever special fx.
Verdict: A special effects wonder

27. Jack in the Box: Battle of the burgers.

They say history doesn’t repeat itself. This ad thinks differently. This ad measures the length of your patriotism by the number of fast food burgers you eat.
Verdict: History never tasted so good, and we agree to that.

28. Jeep: 4X4 for everything

Everything that a man couldn’t is now being done by a self-sufficient 4X4 Jeep.
Verdict: A catchy background score is all that makes this ad a viewing delight.

29. Jeep: A truly inspirational piece

An inspirational video that has nothing to do with Jeeps.
Verdict: This ad could double up as an inspirational piece.

30. KIA: “Walken Closet.”

One of the best written copies written for an ad seen this year.
Verdict: The world’s most exciting but a mid-size sedan – we would say this is the work of a copy genius.

31. LG: Liam Neeson style

Only Liam Neeson can say, “There’s a revolution coming” and get away with it.
Verdict: Tron style TV commercial – we say we have a winner.

32. Michelbob Ultra: Breathe

Worried about gaining calories with that cold one? Not anymore.
Verdict: A beautiful montage of every exercise that makes you breathe

33. Mini: Defying labels

Genius writing comes with a genius product.
Verdict: “This car doesn’t care what you call it” – another piece of genius writing.

34. Mobile Strike: Arnie’s favourite game

No one starts a ground war with Arnold Schwarzenegger!
Verdict: No one messes with Arnie!

35. Mountain Dew: PuppyMonkeyBaby

The freakiest ad we have seen so far. What is with that horrifying creature walking around in a haphazard manner?
Verdict: A frightening mascot for a commercial. But a catchy tune to go with it.

36. NFL: Baby Choir

This one is for the love of Seal – the singer and not the animal.
Verdict: We don’t know what to make of this. We like Seal, so hence, it made the list.

37. NoMore.org: No More Domestic Violence

We are convinced awareness about domestic violence has never been communicated to an audience completely stricken by it.
Verdict: A PSA that caught our eye.

38. Pantene: Strong is Beautiful

Father’s day may be months away, but that has not stopped Pantene from making a commercial that beautifully visualizes the father-daughter relationship.
Verdict: Dads, are you listening?

39. PayPal: There’s a new money in Town

PayPal has taken the first step of claiming ‘New Money’ being better than ‘Old Money’. We don’t say that they are wrong but in comparison to other online payment channels, PayPal is pretty primitive. Elon Musk, are you listening?
Verdict: Great copy, even better music.

40. Pepsi: Go Retro

In this ad, Pepsi has tried to bring back some of the best tunes from a forgotten era.
Verdict: Brings back so many fond memories

41. Pokemon20: You can do this

This is one of the most confusing ads. We have no idea what relation does it have to Pokemon celebrating its 20th Anniversary.
Verdict: An inspiring take on being able to achieve great things in life.

42. Prius: Heck on Wheels

We are convinced that a hybrid car will never be seen in the same light again.
Verdict: A musical genius

43. Schick: Robo Razors

When you combine Transformer-like characters and shaving razors, you end up creating a visual masterpiece.
Verdict: Great visual fx

44. Skittles: Rock the rainbow, taste the rainbow

An ad that showcases how you can use skittles to explore your artistic side.
Verdict: The funniest take on Steven Tyler and skittles

45. Sneakers: Marilyn Monroe

We are tired of seeing the same skit being done again and again.
Verdict: It’s about time sneakers does something different

46. SunTrust: “Hold your breath.”

An ad that has a montage of striking imagery of people holding their breaths in a different situation.
Verdict: Building trust, one breath at a time

47. T-Mobile: “Verizon got it wrong.”

If it wasn’t enough that Steve Harvey made one ginormous mistake this year, T-Mobile made sure that he does it again but this time in an ad. This ad by T-Mobile is also in response to an ad made by Verizon where a bunch of balls represent Verizon’s network.
Verdict: Steve Harvey does it again, and we cannot stop smiling.

48. T-Mobile: Changes

Another telecom ad that doesn’t deserve a spot at being a Super Bowl commercial.
Verdict: Drake is taking over the world with ‘Hotline Bling.’

49. Prius: “The Longest Chase.”

If you are looking to rob a bank, then your best getaway car would be a Toyota Prius according to this ad.
Verdict: Absconding from the popo in a Toyota Prius, now why didn’t we think of that?

50. TurboTax: Anthony Hopkins cannot be a sellout

Anthony Hopkins says he would never sell you anything. We highly doubt that after viewing this ad.
Verdict: When Anthony Hopkins says he is not a sell out, you better believe it.


In conclusion, the Super Bowl is a platform for talented advertisers to showcase some of their finest works. Not only do they showcase their work, they also get to showcase it to an audience that is present in the millions. With such large viewership, every advertiser hopes to bring about a change in the awareness of the brand they are advertising. We at Innovo, believe these Super Bowl ads form the foundation of television advertising and respect the time and effort spent on each of these ads.

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