10 Epic landing page designs that will inspire you

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Landing pages are taking over the internet as we speak. There are multiple elements that make a landing page a goal and target driven platform.

Take call for action buttons, for instance, as we have previously mentioned in our blog – The Psychology of Color and how it impacts website conversions. A bright and contrasting color must be used to ensure that users notice the presence of a clickable item on the page.

A well-defined landing page with all the right information about your business and the right call for action buttons can generate quality submissions.

It helps knowing about businesses that have maximized their landing pages to be design friendly as well as user-friendly. For this very reason, we have listed down some of the best landing pages we have come across. All the listed landing pages below have established a balance between design and UI.

1. Wistia

The landing page for Wistia has a simple design. What we liked about this landing page is the subtraction of any disturbing images in the background.

The minimalist design makes this landing page stand out from the rest.  The bottom half of the page gives out relevant information about the paid subscription for the program.



Bottom Half


2. Moto 360

For a tech company, it is important that the landing page brings more to the table when compared to other businesses.

A tech company like Motorola needs to showcase the design, and the effort gone into the product.

As you can see, the images in the background keep changing. As you scroll downwards through the landing page, you get to see the watch being put together.

The landing page ends with embedded videos, which starts playing as soon as you scroll on top of it.




The video at the bottom of the page.




3. Shopify

The Shopify landing page keeps it simple and easy.

All of the content on the landing page is precise and to the point. The call of action button sits pretty right above the fold with bright florescent green colour used for the button.



4. Instapaper

Instapaper is an archiving application that lets you archive and read selected content from the internet.

The design of the landing page is as simple as the functionality of the program.



5. Webprofits

The call for action on this landing page is clear and to the point in the opening of the page. The design of the page puts the whole form right in the front therefore salvaging the annoyance faced by the user.

The rest of the information on the landing page continues to explain the primary objective of their business.



Webprofis 2

The call for action button has a clear objective to ensure people submit their information.


Adding testimonials to your landing page is a great way to gain credibility among your customers/clients.

6. Rdio

Rdio is an online music streaming website.

The landing page has big white spaces which complement the colourful images spread across the page.

The page works in collaboration with Facebook hence the call of action buttons have the Facebook theme colours.



7. Intercom

Intercom is a service that allows you to email your clients/customers efficiently.

The landing page is beautifully designed with bright colours and a clear indication of their service.



What really caught our eye is this clear distinction made through infographics about how their services have improved from their old counterpart.



8. iPhone 6

You can trust a company like Apple to revolutionize design.

That is exactly what they did with the landing page for their popular phone the iPhone 6.



All images have a slow movement as you scroll towards the bottom half of the page.


iphone6 3


9. Dyson 360 EYE

The landing page design for this product is extremely fluid. It explains the functionality of the product in a fluidic manner.  On scrolling down each part of the product, is dismantled in one complete action to be explained part by part.

It’s quite an unusual design used to market a vacuum cleaner, but it is enough to make it to our list.





10. Shyp

A landing page that explains the product or service thoroughly is a well-designed and thought of landing page.

Such designs are bound to receive good clicks and traffic as users find it easier to navigate through the page to understand how the company fulfills customer requirements.







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